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Featured Supplement: Colloidal Silver

If you've spent any time with me, you know I LOVE colloidal silver. It has so many qualities that improve life and health, I tell everyone about it. Here are a couple additional features you may not have heard me chat about before.

"1. I love to tell stories and to share examples of experiences I’ve had with the product, so that’s how I approach sharing Silver Shield. People come in looking for all-natural solutions to simple things like those symptoms we often experience with the change in seasons, wound care management, helping minor burns and skin irritations, and I tell them what the product has done for me.

We’re always under attack – always fighting off bugs that can impede our productivity and potentially make us really sick. Silver Shield offers broad-spectrum immune support and has antimicrobial properties that we need every day; whether we’re sick or not.

I recommend that everyone keep a Silver Shield Rescue Gel with them at all times. Anytime there’s an accident and someone is cut, gets a rash or minor burn, it’s wonderful to have on hand. I also like using it as an alternative to synthetic hand sanitizers.

2. When I’m actually feeling under the weather or sense something coming on (which is not very often thanks to NSP products), I use Silver Shield as directed every day for up to 14 days. I’d send the kids to school with their own bottle, and/or our Silver Shield Rescue Gel to use after washing their hands, sharing pens and pencils or being on the playground. If you start to feel strange or become concerned that you’re in trouble, reach for Silver Shield right away!

3. In my experience, Silver Shield can help us to get over these seasonal challenges days before we would without it, so we also need to consider the value there. When we’re feeling down and out and we need immune support, is there much we wouldn’t do or pay to feel better?"

You can read the full article here...and get yourself some silver!

Talk to you soon,

Laura M.

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