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 Achieve Optimum Health Naturally



Healthy by Nature exists to provide state of the art CAM modalities that can help determine imbalances in the body and provide education on the nutrients needed to support these weakened body systems.  

We now offer the following Telehealth services:

  • Health Assessments

  • Genius Biofeedback



Healthy by Nature sells only Top Quality vitamins and supplements that have been tested and proven safe and effective. These include:

Nature's Sunshine



Des Bio


Mary Ruth's



It is my passion to educate on the basics of human biology, explain the reasons why imbalances occur and discuss natural options that address the root cause of the issue. I provide one on one consultations, informal home based classes and professional presentations for groups and organizations. 



Laura McClendon, BS, PT, CNHP


At Healthy by Nature we recognize that each of our patients is an individual and our number one goal is to determine the best treatments to help you regain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. As a wife and working mother, I understand the importance of having the energy you need to be your best and enjoy your life to the fullest. 

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