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 Find Your Path to Healthy Living

Our belief is that everyone has the potential to feel good and live a healthy life.  There are many options and finding the right path can be very confusing.  At Healthy by Nature we offer alternative modalities and an experienced staff to guide you and help you discover what works best for your body, your mind and your lifestyle.

Our Mission
To educate our clients on natural therapies that work with the human body and encourage them to utilize our resources to achieve healing and optimum Health.

About Laura

Laura McClendon has over 20 years of experience working within the bounds of traditional medicine. She has a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology from Texas Woman’s University, a Bachelor of Science in Allied Health from UT Galveston, and a Master of Physical Therapy from UT El Paso. Her passion for education and inquisitive nature has always led her to research issues and find the very best solution to a problem.

Laura found herself fighting her own chronic health issues that were not resolved using modern medical practices and with the help of an herbalist, Laura was able to overcome her chronic allergy issues using a few natural products to balance her immune system. She began using these natural herbal remedies with her friends and family and had excellent results! This prompted her to learn more about the root causes of illness and the natural remedies that work to balance the body and restore health. She started her natural health consulting business in 2011 and is now a Certified Natural Health Professional.

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