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What Our Clients Say




"I saw three medical doctors and a massage therapist for a problem with my legs and none of them knew how to help me.  After an initial consultation, Laura reviewed the supplements I already had on hand and told me what I needed to do to fix the problem.  She said it would take about 30 days, but the problem was about 50% better in less than a week.  Laura McClendon knows her stuff!" --Melanie Y


"I love Laura's essential oils- lemon, peppermint, orange- but my favorite is peppermint. Laura McClendon has been blessed with her knowledge of essential oils and homeopathic products to help people!" --Mary H


"I Love Laura and her wealth of knowledge on natural healing. She has helped me and several members of my family!" --Marilyn C


"Since eliminating toothpaste (which had artificial sweeteners), my stress incontinence has been reduced by 85% and still seems to be improving.  I will be 60 this year and I have struggled with this since I was 42.  Game changer in my life." --C.B.

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