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Green Compass

Our Story

The Green Compass community was founded by visionaries, community thought leaders, and wellness shifters looking to empower, heal, and cultivate opportunity. Above all, we’re a family. A family committed to sharing the restoring hope of clean, organic hemp.


Our journey began when the quest for healing through traditional medicine became too exhaustive. So, we sought out an all-natural, holistic approach to healing. Our search led us to the ancient plant, cannabis sativa – long known for its medicinal properties. This remarkable plant has been cultivated for centuries, and its rich, golden Cannabinoids (like CBD and over 100 others—each with its own beneficial properties) and terpenes offer 100% natural medicinal relief.

As we became growingly familiar with the plant and how it’s harvested, we found that all CBD products are not created equally. Due to its natural filtering properties, hemp absorbs much of the soil’s elements, meaning any pesticides, heavy metals or other contaminants found in planting soil could infiltrate the plant’s natural chemistry.


We soon realized clean, organic soil is crucial to producing a 100% organic plant that’s safe for you and your family. And, to make sure of it, we brought in botanists, chemists, thought-leaders, and sixth-generation farmers to produce an ambitious vision:

Create a 100% USDA Certified Organic CBD that's traceable from seed to bottle.

Within a few years – several greenhouses and hundreds of acres of healthy soil later – we established a community driven by the power of pure, organic hemp to empower others to feel good and do good.


We now have over 17,000 Advocates who believe in our vision and help sell our products and mission nationwide. Our community is our village – it takes an entire one to share the dream of making Green Compass accessible for everyone, everywhere.


We continue our promise to develop new products every year and consistently strive to give back to our communities through The Compass(ion) Project where we are putting CBD in the hands of those who need it most. And we’re just getting started.


We’re harnessing the healing properties of this ancient plant the healthiest way possible – clean and organic. We strive to extend our passion for intentional hemp wellness to people in need alongside underserved communities.



Our family has experienced the healing nature of hemp, firsthand, leaving us inspired and energized to spread this super plant’s wholesome benefits with families in need around the world.



Our community is our village – it takes an entire one to share the dream of making Green Compass accessible for everyone, everywhere. We have a community of over 17,000 Advocates because we advocate for others who are in need of health, hope, opportunity and community.




Since the beginning, our mission has been to get the plant in the hands of everyone so they can feel better. Through The Compass(ion) Project, we’re putting CBD in the hands of those who need it most.




We’re transparent from seed to bottle and are one of the few certified USDA Organic hemp companies out there. Our transparency even shows on our bottles where you can track the plants harvesting and see third-party testing.




Hemp has been cultivated for medicinal use for centuries. Now, we’ve modernized its use through innovative methods like CO2 extraction and nanotechnology to reimagine hemp to improve bioavailability and access in our daily lives.




From seeding and growing to picking and extracting, our certified organic hemp process meets our transparency standards. All the way down to how we print and package our products. We look at each step as equally important as the next and are committed to leaving the world a better place.

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